Halley Dental Lab is a precision digital crown & bridge dental laboratory. We have proudly been in business for more than 30 years. We focus on restorations from the doctor's point of view. We strive to understand your practice needs and personalize our services to meet them. Our doctors work directly with our technicians, eliminating miscommunications. Halley Dental Lab is always working to improve our restorations and consistently adds new techniques and procedures utilizing the latest technologies and materials to make sure you and your patients experience the absolute best outcomes possible.


We manufacture and customize a wide variety of precision dental prosthetics & appliances to assist our doctors in providing maximal oral care and aesthetically correct restorations.

We accept all digital impression system .stl files
and are expertly qualified in assisting clinicians who utilize them. 

Implant Systems

We offer all major implant systems. Please contact us for free consultation and quotes.

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